In her quest to sample foods and cultures from around the globe, Chantal Royer has traveled throughout Italy, the Spanish Canary Islands, other parts of Europe, and assorted other countries. She also enjoys exploring the culinary treasures offered in the United States. A fan of Italian-American food, Chantal Royer eats at restaurants in Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland, New York, Detroit, and St. Louis. Her favorite pizza, a popular meal that arrived in America from Italy during the 1800s, comes from an eatery on Harlem Avenue in Chicago.Chantal Royer's extensive travels have made her especially fond of Greek and Greek-American food. The Greektown neighborhood, located on Halsted Street in Chicago, is known as a hotbed of Greek culture in the United States. Greektown was founded in 1840 and inhabited by restaurant owners, ship captains, and food salesmen. Greektown's chefs introduced gyros, a staple at many sandwich shops and restaurants, to American audiences. Greektown also became famous for exporting saganaki, various dishes prepared in a small frying pan of the same name. One of the most popular types of saganaki is a block of fried cheese.Chantal Royer relishes every opportunity to indulge in her favorite Greek and Greek-American foods, and she looks forward to discovering new foods during her travels.






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